About VIEw from the top

VIEw from the top is a creative meeting venue and gallery on the 4th floor of Waterstone's bookstore in the heart of Nottingham city centre. It is also the baby that's been disturbing my sleep since September 2005 when we took over the running of the 4th floor from Waterstone's! We continue to work closely with them, and many of their famous author signings are hosted in the 'Sillitoe' meeting room.

It will probably sound strange, but I thought about setting up VIEw from the top after spending over twenty years in higher education and working freelance researching, and writing on education and business issues, mainly equality, diversity, careers and entrepreneurship. I seemed to be constantly commissioned to write proposals for projects that were required to demonstrate creativity and innovation, almost all successful, but at least in part, because I'd become skilled at containing and describing 'creativity and innovation' in comfortable, easily accommodated ways.

I'm not knocking that (I got paid after all!) but it was so sad to reject ideas that were clearly making some progress addressing challenging community issues, but would never get funding because they were a bit maverick, off the wall, or just coming from a completely different perspective from the funders. Furthermore, as an independent, I could see where projects and organisations might link their expertise and resources to make a real impact - but funding imperatives prevented them from getting together.

I longed to create some space that welcomed, valued and supported creativity of all kinds and got a kick out of hosting and inspiring connections between a huge mixture of stuff. For me there seemed such an opportunity to learn from all kinds of perspectives - and to have a laugh - I wanted to spend time in a place that was receptive to lots of different ways of looking at things.

This might sound a bit deep and pretentious for a meeting and gallery venue but the reality is we've recruited a great team that want to help you to make your meeting and/or exhibition a success. There's no corporate stuff here - all the people working with VIEw run their own businesses alongside (your waiter/ress could be a director of a public arts company, burlesque, studio group, portrait painter etc) and because they run their own business they absolutely understand how important your event is.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time organizing an exhibition; you are an established business hiring a central retail space; or it’s your organisations AGM, you benefit from a supportive, creative team interested in what you do.

All of our company/nfp organisations are repeat bookers - Email me and I'll send all the nice comments it feels a bit uncomfortable to display!

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