Jeanne Booth
Publications and Presentations


Deakin University Arts and Humanities presentation Presentation to Deakin University Arts and Humanities Faculty(April 2011) on new ways of looking at employability and the graduate labour market. Also overview of regional skills development programme for creative and cultural sectors and SALAMI Labour Market Intelligence Data project.
Australian Policy and History Forum Presentation with Alan Booth to Australian Policy and History Forum April 2011 on how great history teaching can prepare graduates to thrive in the 21st century.
Best bits from the best business books for creatives Best bits from the best business books for creatives - extracts from a selection recommended by other creatives for Creative Greenhouse 8th October 2010. (notes)
sky one project Initial information for potential sponsors of the One Sky Project; part-trade delegation and part artistic exchange, a group of artists, craft workers and designers are heading to India in January 2011. Hoping to open up minds as well as new markets they'll be exposing themselves to new artistic influences and savouring the inspiration that will come from the unique cultural clash. Accompanied by myself and Rob Pittam, BBC business journalist/presenter now running Robin Hood Media Productions. My job as archivist and curator is to help the artists identify and pursue creative and business opportunities, record what happens and manage exhibitions in Delhi and the UK. 
learning and teaching strategies Learning and Teaching Strategies for Making a Good Living
Presentation and workshop at Nottingham Trent University Learning and Teaching Day March 2010 with Paul Hacking, head of the Career Development Centre. Explores  how we prepare graduates to make a good living in the 21st century given their investment in higher education, an unpredictable job market and far-reaching changes in work structures.
Czech Republic presentation Building Recovery - capturing hearts and minds (presentation notes)
Presentation to University-Business European Thematic Forum in Czech Republic February 2010 exploring changes in the graduate labour market, the way work is organised and opportunities arise, and how graduates feel about work and its place in their lives.


Head or Heart (presentation notes only)

Do we need to revisit some of the major assumptions underpinning much of careers guidance? This presentation reflects upon changing work structures, new economic thinking including happiness research and Generation Y.  Presented at FEDORA conference in Berlin 2009 with Paul Hacking, Head of the Career Development Centre at Nottingham Trent University.

Beating the Recession - 50 things you can do to increase sales or reduce costs

Beating the Recession - Over 50 free (or cheap) things you can do to increase sales or reduce costs. Presentation to creative businesses at the Creative Greenhouse


Interim evaluation of three strands of the Leap Ahead Lifelong Learning Network
The interim evaluation of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Lifelong Learning Network focussed on three major strands: Information, Advice and Guidance, Services to Business and Employers and Progression Agreements.


Engaging small businesses

Engaging small businesses 2009 (notes)

99% of UK enterprises employ less that 50 people and together they provide employment for nearly half the workforce, yet universities tend to focus on larger companies, reporting difficulties getting smaller ones involved. This workshop at the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services Biennial Conference 2009 reflected on my experience as a small business and co-ordinator of business networks and some strategies Careers Services might like to try.

Skills for the 21st centry

Skills for the 21st century: creative and cultural sectors
What skills do creative people need to address 21st century challenges and thrive.  Report from research programme with Sector Skills Councils, creative & cultural organisations, Further and Higher Eduction and Learning and Skills Council to build collaboration & provide recommendations for skills strategy to East Midlands Regional Development Agency. 


get ahead

Scoping potential for developing regional graduate recruitment services for East Midlands Universities Association and East Midlands Development Agency.

Get Ahead


Rough Guide to Working in Partnership

Rough guide to working in partnership
How do you work in partnership with others and what is the role of a partnership manager? This report was written through action research with Aimhigher East Midlands and interviews with county directors and other highly experienced partnership managers. Widely used as an induction and reflective tool for collaborative projects including by Action on Access, 14-19 Diploma Partnerships and National Council for School Leadership. 


Participation in Higher Education and Graduate Employment: North Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire
Commissioned by the Collaborative Higher Education Alliance

PresentationPresentationEmploymentin Higher Education and Graduate Employment


This project ran from 2001-2 so it's pretty old but it produced some great resources and it would be a pity not to make them available for recycling! It involved six university careers working with large and small companies on recruitment, mentoring and placements. A major conference was held in Leicester and a website launched containing all the resources. I project managed MERITS on behalf of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services - working with a great team - David Ross wrote much of the website, Chris Winson did the amazing designs and all the hard creative work was done by colleagues from the universities of Loughborough, Central England, Manchester and UMIST, Brunel, Manchester Metropolitan and Southampton

Improving the prospects of black and asian graduates

Merit website

Good Learning

Good Learning and Employability: Issues for Careers Services and Guidance Practitioners, commissioned by the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services and Higher Education Academy.

Good Learning & Employability